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boheme is a clothing label created by Emiko Nakamura. boheme’s unique concept lies in textiles.

Wearing beautiful textiles in the form of clothes is the inspiration behind boheme.

Designing the textiles is always a starting point of Emiko’s clothing collection.

The softest silk and shibori (tie-dye) are boheme’s main story.
​Smoky colour palettes, flowing silhouettes, and the magic of patter-on-pattern...

Textiles are truly what makes boheme clothes so special.

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Inspired by the high summer gardens, our new POTPOURRI collection is colourful, natural, and earthbound. Think of flowers, leaves, ferns, and spices. It's a potpourri of the summer garden.

Moody Blues

Our long-awaited new clothing collection is a sequel to Sur la Mer (on the sea). Inspired by ocean hues, the latest collection provokes moodier shades of blue.Intrigued by the dark colours under the sea, we have dyed our silks in deep sea blue, ink blue, pebble grey, and total-eclipse midnight blue. It is dramatic yet poetic.

Sur La Mer

Our latest collection is inspired by the palette of the sea. The aqua gradation of waters, golden amber of the kelp, calming pebble greys, eclipse blue of dark oceans... Enjoy this soothing yet vigorous collection!