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emgallery is on the move..!

In March 2020, we moved out of our home of 10 years at Dempsey Road.

We have many fond memories in Dempsey Road, and we enjoyed meeting many of you during our time there! Now that Dempsey is facing redevelopment, however, we feel we are also ready to move on to our new adventure.


Since we moved our shop out of Dempsey, the world has been disrupted by Covid-19. As we are going through a lot of social and economic adjustments, we are united to overcome these difficult times and get back to normality as soon as possible.


The renovation of our new shop has been halted due to the latest Circuit Breaker measures to combat the virus. We are currently unsure when we can open our new shop, but hope it is soon. We are still very excited about our new chapter, although delayed, and we will be sure to keep you posted on our news.


Meanwhile, please take care, keep safe, and stay strong..!


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