Dok Keo refers to the name of a flower in Lao. Flowers are one of the most popular designs in Lao weaving. Many different interpretations are possible. This is one of my favourite designs. The brocade part (continuous supplementary weft design) consists of rows of small flowers. I used mostly one colour for brocade with some colour flowers scattered throughout. In total I used 4 colours, which are seen on the border design on the sheer part of the fabric.


The most interesting thing about this piece is the contrast of sheer fabric and solid patterns. The sheer fabric, called organza, is woven using the finest silks. It takes weavers longer to weave this delicate fabric, and using a supplementary weave technique on organza is a true work of art!


Beautiful and delicate, this piece is perfect for a shawl, while you can also enjoy the work as art on your walls. 

Master Weaver 'Dok Keo' | Midnight Hour

  • 50x200cm

  • Handwash in cool water with a small amount of mild detergent for delicates, or shampoo. Medium-heat iron can be used. Frequent washes are not recommended in order to maintain the art.