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Our Boutique

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We are now open at Raffles Hotel.


We moved out of our Dempsey shop in March this year. With the Circuit Breaker, our opening was much delayed, but now we are very happy to announce our exciting new location!


With the backdrop of ever-developing Singapore, I have always pursued a heritage site for my shop. Evolving the tradition has been my mission and I wanted my shop to be in a place where it’s felt. My first shop was in a conservation house, followed by my long stay on the historical Dempsey Road. And now I couldn’t be happier to call Raffles Hotel our latest home!


I feel the real presence of this iconic hotel whenever I step in this majestic white building. Entering from the North Bridge Road entrance, I walk through the beautiful courtyard, admiring the colonial features and lush greens, till I arrive at my shop.


Inside expands into a warm cozy space. It is not a very large space, but you’ll instantly be welcomed by our friendly smiles and by the warm tones of our textiles and décor.


Our doors are open. We look forward to welcoming you to our new home at Raffles Hotel..!


Emiko / emgallery