Textile Collections

Each collection has a story. Emiko translates her inspiration into a unique woven story. putting a colour palette is how she begins creating her collections. She then works on design details such as motifs and textures. Her collaborations with her weavers have produced many beautiful woven stories. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

Winter Pales

Inspired by the Nordic winter shades, Winter Pales conjures up an image of pale winter land. In layering soft dusty hues, the ethnic woven patterns look surprisingly modern. Greys and Winter Blues accentuate the collection.

Burgundy & Heather

Beautiful shades of burgundy, plum, crimson, and heather create a warm home décor collection. The strong motif story plays throughout the collection, giving your home a bold but refined tribal accent.


Every lovely thing about the sea is translated into this woven story; green-blue sea shades, veils of mist, wave patterns, and sea shell motifs. We used a lot of sheer organanza silk that lets the sun & light in. Create a resort in your home!

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