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Hmong Collection

VillageWorks is my mission project that spotlights craft artistry. We are celebrating  beautiful traditional works produced by the hands of artisans. I would like to bring more attention to their arts and crafts through our collaborations.

Our latest VillageWorks collection brings to you the expert embroidery and applique of the Hmong people. Hmongs are known for their needlework skills.

Life Scene

🔹 A fascinating story of their lifestyle and environment is told through their embroidery. There are 3 designs of their Life Scenes - Hmong, Lao, and Animals. It is very interesting that they separate Hmong and Lao life scenes. Both engage in farming, harvesting, feeding the animals, etc, but Hmong Life Scenes depicts their instinctive traditional costumes, whereas Lao villagers are seen wearing a typical Lao Sinh (sarong). Their Animal Life Scenes introduce all the animals that are seen throughout Laos.

🔹 Reversed Applique - Reversed applique is the technique traditionally practiced by Hmong to produce their 'Flower Cloth', Paj Ntaub. They use this technique to decorate their homes, costumes, and their head gear. For reversed applique, the fabric is layered and the top fabric is cut away and stitched in place to show the patterns. It requires skills and precision. 


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