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Off The Loom!

cotton blankets!

Handwoven Luxury


 From the Cambodian loom 

We have updated our current cotton blanket collection!

Our Khmer weavers are traditionally silk weavers. As demand rose, 

the weavers took on cotton and the results are breathtaking. Skilled silk weavers

are the best weavers and thus, our cotton blankets are so beautifully woven.

Our blankets are 100% cotton and handwoven in villages in Cambodia.

They hand-spin the cotton yarns and use both natural & AZO-free dyes.

"Throw them on your sofa or bed, and feel their natural comfort. Our blankets come in many different colours and patterns, and we are sure you can find a favourite piece for your home!"

Blankets are handwoven & comes in limited stock

F r o m   C a m b o d i a n   W o r k s h o p

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