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Handwoven Luxury!

cotton blankets!

Go Organic!


Our handwoven cotton blankets restocked

We can't get enough of our cotton blankets. Lovingly handwoven

by our Khmer weavers, the blanket feels so soft and pure.

The blanket is very versatile. You can throw on your sofa and lounge comfortably,

or have a snooze under it. Spread it over the bed as a stunning bed throw.

Fold it double, and it makes a lovely meditation mat. 

We find them very comforting.

Our blankets are 100% cotton and handwoven in villages in Cambodia.

They hand-spin the cotton yarns and use both natural & AZO-free dyes to dye the yarns.

Originally silk weavers, they now weave these beautiful cotton blankets.

Using multiple-shaft looms, they create intricate traditional patterns. 

Blankets are handwoven n                        comes in limited stock...

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