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Apart from our textiles, we have many other crafts that we admire. Just as I am fascinated with raw materials such as fibre, I am also drawn to trees, plants, grass, and clay. This is how I developed my collections of basketry, grass mats, and ceramics. Again, most of them are centuries-old arts, but they can be recreated with modernity.


Balinese Baskets

I came upon the basket weavers in the outskirts of Ubud, Bali. The first thing that caught my eye was the colours of the baskets. They only usde natural, black, and brown, which looked very striking.
Their weaving patterns were mostly geometric, which reminded me of some African baskets.
They were quite different from other baskets I had seen in Bali. I took an instant liking to them.

The women sat on the floor and engaged themselves in weaving. They use both rattan and bamboo to create their crafts. These baskets are functional, but also make stunning objects as home décor.

Basket making by villagers in Bali

Khmer Ceramics

Khmer pottery has been a renowned since ancient times. The art culminated during the Khmer Empire. ​Fine quality Cambodian clay and sophisticated pottery skills of produced ​many beautiful collectors’ pieces. However, much was lost during the dark days under the Khmer Rouge.

​Recent years have seen a major revival in Khmer art, and young artisans have progressed ​the ceramic art further with a modern flair.

​In collaboration with the Khmer potters, we have produced a collection of plates, bowls, mugs, and candle holders. ​Enjoy this wonderful art!

Khmer Potters in Cambodia

Cambodian Sedge Mats

I encountered sedge weaving in Cambodia in the early 2000s when I started my craft venture. I instantly took to the beautiful grass. Sedge plants grow by water like rivers and swamps.

Harvested sedge plants are cut into strips and dried in the sun before being dyed with pigments in boiling water. Weavers use floor looms to weave the mats, often with beautiful traditional ikat patterns.

Sedge plants have a beautiful glossy green patina. They look so fresh! This contributes to the vibrancy of the colours when dyed. Enjoy our collection of beautiful sedge mats!

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