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Image by Shifaaz shamoon

Moody Blues...

Our ocean-inspired collection explores many shades of blues. The latest arrivals come in darker and deeper hues. 
2021 Blue Jul-62.jpg

Our long-awaited new clothing collection is a sequel to Sur la Mer (on the sea). Inspired by ocean hues, the latest collection provokes moodier shades of blue.

Intrigued by the dark colours under the sea, we have dyed our silks in deep sea blue, ink blue, pebble grey, and total-eclipse midnight blue. It is dramatic yet poetic.

We love the way our shibori has turned out in these dark hues, highlighting the white tie-dye patterns. We also love the electric effect when dark colours and smoky pastels are coordinated together in styling. While shades of the sea such as sea green and aquamarine have a natural harmony together, adding the dark navy or deepest turquoise makes the outfit look much more interesting!

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