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Meet Our


Traditional weaving at its best...

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Tracing the traditions...

One of our missions is to find the skilled weavers to work on our collections.

Emiko studies their traditional textiles to reinterpret their designs into her own story.

At the very onset of her venture, Emiko was deeply impressed by the weaving culture in Laos

where artisans still followed their traditional methods of dyeing and weaving. And the weavers' skills! 

There are a handful of weavers who can weave absolutely top-class pieces. We call them "master weavers." Some of the very intricate patterns can only be achieved by master weavers,

and all weavers aspire to be one some day. 

Emiko always includes some pieces that require weaving by the master weavers.

By doing so, we are ensuring that these weavers continue their master-class weaving

and the real traditions are being preserved. Emiko's design input gives another dimension to

sustaining the traditions, producing something truly unique in collaboration, thus creating more demand.

Please join us in discovering our master weavers..!

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