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Phou Tai is one of many ethnic groups in Laos. They traditionally reside in south of Laos and are cotton farmers. Phou Tais are known to be skilled weavers, best known for their ikat weaving. 


Our beautiful Phou Tai scarf is woven using 100% silk and supplementary weft weaving technic. Textiles by Phou Tais stand out in its intricacy and details.


This is a floral design and one of my favourite Phou Tai patterns. Traditionally, Phou Tai textiles are very colourful, but I have limited to using only 3 colours, cleverly interchanging the colours to make the design look simpler and more modern. 


A piece of art, this piece can be worn elegantly, or adorn your home beautifully. 

Master Weaver 'Phou Tai' | Sweet Pink Dark

  • 40x180cm

  • Handwash in cool water with a small amount of mild detergent for delicates, or shampoo. Medium-heat iron can be used. Frequent washes are not recommended in order to maintain the art. 

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