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Our Door is Open!

Thank you for staying tuned..

My new little space has been given life, officially! The soft opening of my gallery is starting this weekend, Saturday 26th August. Do come and say hello!

emgallery in Joo Chiat Road

My new gallery is nestled in a quaint shophouse in Joo Chiat Road. There is a Bohemian feel and I wanted to give that vibe to my new gallery. I did not want commercial signage, so we ended up hand-painting our façade! I just love it.

Bringing Textiles to Town!

Going back to my roots played a part in creating my new gallery front as well. I have hired a mural-paint artist, Ms Eunice Lim, and asked her to paint woven motifs from one of my textiles. It was so much fun! My Tai-Lue inspired patterns are all over my façade!

Joo Chiat Road is a home for many quaint boutiques and cafes. emgallery wanted to bring some art & craft to the street💙 Truly inspiring


Textiles are emgallery's DNA! I would like to go back to traditional textile weaving to create my new collection for the coming year. My textile collection is mainly produced by skilled weavers in Laos. Here I love to explore their profound weaving and dyeing traditions to create something modern.

I intend to spend more time designing and creating at my new gallery, which really is about going back to my roots.

My Gallery Welcomes You!

Having emgallery back and running feels great. I have chosen less commercial route so I can pay more attention to my creative activities, but I have missed not having my base, my own space. I love being part of the community in town through my passion for crafts, and most of all I love sharing it all with you. Think of this as a visit to my home atelier and I will welcome you like my house guest.

Emiko (emgallery)

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