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This exquisite silk scarf is handwoven in the northern province of Cambodia. It is one of the very first silk collaborations I embarked on in Cambodia back in the 2000s! The project was headed by an American veteran and he revived the whole silk production, from cultivating silk worms to dyeing with safe dye stuff imported from Europe, to handweaving. He engaged in a renowned American textile designer to train his weavers, and the result was this exquisite silk fabric.


We have made the fabrics into some lovely pillows. They will adorn your home like little silk gems!

Cambodian Silk Pillow Cover 'Blocks' | Chedi Gold

  • Handwash gently in lukewarm water, using a mild detergent for delicates or shampoo. Rinse in cool water and dry in shade. Iron with medium heat while slightly damp.

  • 40x40cm

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