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Extra light-weight silk scarves are handwoven in Cambodia. The weavers produce the white fabrics first, which are tie-dyed to create the pattern.


There are 3 pattern designs with this scarf:


* Rain: This pattern is created by wrapping the fabric on a tube, binding it with a string, gathering the fabric before dip-dyeing the fabric. Abstract pattern with crinkled effect emerge.


* Starfish:  This shibori is made by folding the fabric, placed between small wooden boards, and tightly bound by strings before dip-dyeing. Repetion of flower-like patterns appear. 


* Water Drop - This pattern uses a rope. Roll the fabric around a thick rope, gathering the fabric in process, and dip-dye. The gradient effect of shibori is created by letting the dye seep through the fabric from the ends of the fabric, leaving the middle part mostly while. 

Soft Silk Organza Shibori Scarf

  • 80 x 180cm

  • Handwash in luke warm water using a mild detergent for delicates or shampoo. Rince and gently ring. Air dry in shade. No bleach or tumble dryer.

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