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2021 Christmas orngaments & cards Nov-46_edited.jpg
2021 Christmas orngaments & cards Nov-66_edited.jpg


Our ornaments are unique. We have brought village artisans together to decorate this season with their traditional crafts. Each ethnic group in Laos has different crafting skills.

Tai Lues, mainly residing in Northern Laos, are known for their dyeing and weaving skills. Their ornaments of elephants, horses, and cats are adorable! They dye their yarns with natural dye stuff, resulting in the very organic look.

Applique is one of the great skills of Hmongs. We have selected festive colours for their ornaments. Our favourite is their pom pom ornament, which is inspired by their costumes. 

Lantens from Northern Laos produce lovely cotton fabrics. They use colourful cottons to make the elephant ornaments. We love the stitches they make by hand!

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