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Time to indulge in our homes!

We love our organic cotton rugs & pillows...

Textiles can bring wonder to your home. Add a splash of colour, warm ambiance, or tactile textures, and your home will brightly revive!

Let's start with Pillows

Here is your chance to be the 'decorator' you've always wanted to be. No need to have a floor plan or design can use pillows to can create a statement. Your sofa or bed will be your canvas. Begin by thinking of a theme you want to project...

Creating a Story

A theme can be a colour scheme or a specific style. If you like blues and are in the mood for the ocean, blues & greens can be enough to project the mood. Throw on a couple of shell motif pillows, and the theme will be complete. Fancy an Asian craft look? We have a great range of modern tribal woven pillows. Dreaming up a story for your living or bedroom is the fun part of it!

Accents to the Floor

“Never underestimate the power of floor dressing!

Rugs can often complete your look like the missing piece of a puzzle. Rugs are like the foundation of your room. Our preference of rugs to carpets stems from the practicality and just fun of them. While carpets are more or less permanent, we can freely choose to move around rugs Like pillows. They provide an accent to your room.

Add a Rug to Enhance Your Story

Your already have a theme and rugs can be added to enhance your story. Expand your pillow story to your floor, and your role as a decorator steps up. You'll be surprised how the room comes together with pillows & rugs being placed. Your room looks much warmer and stylish. That I guarantee. You don't always need to put rugs & pillows closely together - throw the rugs in different places in the room, and they tie together a story on a larger scale.

A Little Home Luxury

It's a great time to redecorate your home. After the summer holidays and with festivities coming up, it is nice to dress up your areas a little. Again, no need to work out your floor plan, just enjoy a little home luxury with some textiles.

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