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Quirky Jewellery from Barcelona | accessories

Through five generations of women, a Catalan family has kept their tradition of jewellery making. When I encountered these guild women and their workshop in Barcelona a couple of years ago, I was immediately drawn to their craft.

They pride themselves in creating everything by hand, using mostly natural materials and drawing inspiration from nature and their environment. Hammered brass, linen string, wood, shells...and their wonderful sense of quirkiness..!

I have brought the second collection, which is now at our shop in Dempsey Road. The items include necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. I love the unexpected combination of materials, an interesting 'twist' in design & finish, and lovely hues in earth tones.

Come and have a look at the collection! You will be under the spell of Barcelona...

By Emiko Nakamura

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