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VillageWorks "Carry a piece of Craft!"

We are celebrating the return of our VillageWorks!

I started this project in my passionate pursuit for village artisans and their traditions. Through my many visits to Laos and Cambodia (and beyond), my encounters with the crafts and the artisans who make them grew in number and depth. Traditional arts and crafts are the very origin for my passion and they have always inspired me to create my own collections of textiles and crafts.

While collaborating with weavers to produce my own collections, I started to collect textiles and crafts directly from the village artisans. Their amazing skills with their looms and profound traditions were nothing but moving. I am compelled to tell their stories through their works - and this is how my VillageWorks project started.

There are over 50 diversified ethnicities in Laos and each has their own traditions of arts & crafts. Since my primary passion lies in textiles, I am particularly fascinated by their weaving and dyeing traditions. Weavers in villages have always produced their own costumes and cloths for their temples. Some of the most gorgeous textiles were and are produced for ceremonies and weddings.

My aim is to find their wonderful works and share the stories through my VillageWorks. This entails travelling to get to the sources. I also curate their pieces and produce collections such as bags and accessories, so their traditions gain a wider base for use. VillageWorks are very cool!

Village Bags

Our latest VillageWorks are a collection of wonderful bags. Since travelling has not been possible, this is a small collection, some from the past and some I have managed to produce within the limits. Working on this has brought home to me how I am enamored with the world of weaving and crafting through these artisans. I am more resolute than ever to continue my pursuit for the traditions and to bring them alive in our modern world of living!

Do wear one of the Village Bags and enjoy the work that has gone into them. Carry a piece of Craft wherever you go!


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wow!! really nice patterns and colours

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