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Welcome to em's new website! | greetings

We are super excited to launch our new website!

I opened my first gallery at home in 2001. It still is my concept that my gallery should feel more like home rather than a shop. Following my second shophouse boutique, I moved emgallery to Dempsey Road in 2009. We are still here, and it still feels like our home!

I love having a physical shop. It is a bit like a theatre where we put together our best performance with lots of props and stories. The shop provides an experience that you can see and feel. That said, I am very much into recreating that experience online. And here we are.

I hope you'll enjoy our website. This is our starting point for building up our stories and community. We are working on our Online shop, which will be added soon.

Hope to hear from you. Better still, come and see us in Dempsey Road!

Emiko | Founder & Designer, emgallery

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1 Comment

Sarah Jones
Sarah Jones
Nov 23, 2019

I would like to buy a new house and furnish and decorate it entirely with emgallery works. Everything is so soothing and beautiful. We don't have the extra cash at the moment, but we'll see. . .

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