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Holed up in


cotton blankets!

Perfect for a homebody


Our handwoven cotton blankets are just what you need when you spend most of your time at home. 

Our latest arrival from Cambodia are beautiful cotton blankets - pure and simple.

You can throw on your sofa  and lounge comfortably, or have a snooze under it.

Fold it double and it makes a lovely meditation mat. Or spread over the bed as a stunning bed throw.

Most of all, the blankets are so soft and comfortable that you want to use them as much as possible!

Our blankets are 100% cotton and handwoven in villages in Cambodia.

They hand-spin the cotton yarns and use both natural & AZO-free dyes to dye the yarns.

Originally silk weavers, they now weave these beautiful cotton blankets.

Using multiple-shaft looms, they create intricate traditional patterns. 

F r o m   C a m b o d i a n   W o r k s h o p

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