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Our Original   Silk Masks... 

Spring Colours!

Check out our latest Spring colours for silk masks! 

We are using the left-over silk fabrics from making our clothes collections to make these masks.

Zero waste!


Your purchase  helps our artisans and their productions in Cambodia!

Head Out in Style!

Face masks are continuing to be part of our lives. Our silk masks have been very popular and we are working all the time to improve them!

Spring pinks & reds are blooming! Our signature colours of muted pastels are also very pretty. Take you pick...!


Light, Soft, Comfortable...

We love silk. Silk is soft and light, making it very wearable, be it clothes or masks! We have used our silk fabrics - plain & shibori - to make these lovely masks.

Our masks are lined with cotton and have a silk pocket for inserting a filter. For framing the mask, a thicker silk is used for extra strength (and extra for style!). You can hand wash and reuse the masks. Silk masks are comfortable and breathable!

Limited stock due to handmade production

2020 Silk masks Aug-80
2020 Silk masks Aug-80

Our original textile design

2020 Silk masks Aug-130
2020 Silk masks Aug-130
2020 Silk masks Aug-81
2020 Silk masks Aug-81